When it comes to tourism, very important to WHERE TO GO IN THE CITY you travel. Except usually tradional restaraunts, cafes, museums, sightseeings important also Outdoor. I have created entire site Nikolaev in Pictures about traveling my city Nikolaev as outdoor activities. One of the recreational area I am telling on my site is Porozhnecha

Porozhnecha because there's empty пусто. Porozhnecha = Пустота = Emptyness. First photos of Porozhnecha was in 2009 by me. Hills, empty lands, green grass, ravines, beach, reeds, beautiful landscapes and much more. 

I wrote 6 posts on my site www.nikolaevinpictures.com about Porozhnecha, shot a film calling it Welcome to Porozhnecha (on my site is below and on YouTube) and series of 5 videos about my walk on scales of Porozhnecha, coast and ice river Ingul. This available in my 5th post Porozhnecha Rocks

That to view my all posts about Porozhnecha click the button VISIT POROZHNECHA

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